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Christian clothing  is our main offering but you will find coffee mugs, tote bags and other accessories as well. We hope you will find our designs attractive and a pleasure to use or wear but we hope you will see that they are so much more.

At Sarcalogos Christian Clothing we say “get something ON your chest” and “Wear God’s Word.”¬† Each shirt has a design related to a familiar Bible verse, along with a reference to the verse or verses represented.¬† We see them as a friendly way to witness to the world in an easy way that may provoke not only compliments on their attractive design but also questions and comments to begin a conversation about Jesus.

Our mugs show an attractive design on one side and the complete verse(s) on the other. In the future, we will be adding additional clothing such as sweat shirts, hoodies, and caps — all sporting a Christian design illustrating a familiar favorite Bible verse. We also plan cell phone cases, posters, and more. We know you’ll want to wear or use these attractive items.